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How To Improve Your Odds

Did you miss out on the new vinyl limited edition release? The one with only 1,000 copies.

We have all been there. 

Slept in, or just forgot about that new vinyl release or reissue? Or worse yet, you never even heard about it until it was sold out days later.

Flip The Record

Yep, been there how many times myself. Well, after getting pissed off one too many times, I decided to do something about it. Instead of being reactionary to the situation, I took a proactive approach. So instead of being bummed out, or having FOMO, start being more aggressive and taking action in the pursuit of that next must-have release.

So this is how I flipped the switch, and here is how I implemented my strategies for being informed of vinyl reissues and releases.

In my best infomercial voice, “You Can Too!

Limited Numbers Drive Want & Price

Small, limited audiophile edition vinyl reissues and releases are all the rage; everybody wants to get theirs before they sell out of limited numbers. For example, Craft Recording’s newest one-step is Lush Life by John Coltrane. This was strictly limited to 1,000 copies and sold out in about 30 minutes, leaving many people high and dry and finding out about these hours and sometimes a day later. Leaving die-hard fans paying a high price on the resale market if they had to have it. I missed this one myself by forgetting about it.

This was Craft Recording’s first initial release of their brand new one-step album line. So, most companies are aware of generating customer wants by limiting the supply. Just look at MoFi’s Abraxas One-Step Album, which was limited to 2,500 copies, and now the demand for that record is high. Prices at the time of writing this are around $2,000.00.

mofi santan abraxas one-step album

So, if you blink on these releases or reissues, you will lose.

If you are interested in getting these limited editions pressing without having to sell a kidney, then you can take some of the steps I list below to help improve your chances of getting them. I hope to give some simple suggestions. No system is foolproof, but it is better than nothing.

Follow The Record Labels On Social Media

You should be following record labels on various social media platforms. The two biggest ones are Instagram and Facebook, as most label companies regularly post about their releases and their upcoming vinyl releases, too. Most people look at these social media platforms throughout the day anyway, and it makes it easier to see if something gets released. It is a good idea to check this right away in the morning to see if something has been released.

Since we are talking about record labels, check out my page Best Audiophile Labels.

So, add your favorite record label to your social media platform and follow them. Try other social media platforms, too, like Spotify, Twitter, and Pandora.

line drawn record player

Some of the Big Labels To Follow

mobile fidelity sound lab logo black

Follow Artists or Bands On Social Media

This is a no-brainer, but I had to put it in any way. Determine artists/bands you can not live without getting their releases and follow them wherever you can on social media and the internet.

Sign Up On Their Email List or Newsletters

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth, like following them on social media. This method ensures you have another method of seeing the release. There is no way of knowing how they will release the method (email list, social media, or both), but I would hedge my bet with both methods. So go to each record label you are interested in and sign up for their newsletter or email list. They all have one; I will post the links above in Some Of The Big Labels To Follow.

It’s a good idea to go through the list and sign up for them to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Also worthy of note is that most record labels have multiple genres of music, so it is a good idea to sign up for them all.

Websites Dedicated To Upcoming Releases – Your Informant. This has new releases for both vinyl and cassettes. This has a nice layout with the genre, label, date to be released, vinyl variation, as well as price. Check out our social media as well for updates and roundups.

orange slyvinyl logo

Upcoming Vinyl  – This is a simple thumbnail picture of albums to be released by the date on this website. Great for visual people, as you can quickly scan through future releases fast.

upcoming vinyl green logo

Join Reddit

orange black and white reddit logo

Join – VinylReleases:

A place for announcements of releases and pressings. A good way to find releases is as people post releases they find. Did I mention they have 66,000 members helping other people find new releases?

Join Artists/Group

This also helps you join your favorite artists’ pages on Reddit as well, as many pages are dedicated to famous artists or bands. A really good way of finding info on releases as well as keeping you up to date on the artists. One of my favorite artists is John Frusciante, so I joined this group r/John_Frusicante. I have been alerted of upcoming albums throughout the years and this has happily kept me in JF vinyl.

Join Genre

Joining a specific genre of music is also a fantastic way of finding releases. The more options and genres you have open, the more stuff you will find.

Hit Your Local Record Store

Shoot the shit with the owner to see what he or she knows. Ask what is coming out in the future. Develop a relationship with the owner. This person generally has been in business for many years and has a lot of knowledge, so lean on their knowledge and patronize the store as well. Pick the owner’s brain; you never know what you will learn.

The Last Groove

Hope this helps you score the latest releases with a little effort and constant vigilance.

If you have any tips you would like to pass on to others, please post them below, and I will add them to the content above.

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