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Today in this post, Spin-Clean Record Washer Review we will be going over key functions of this method of cleaning records. I will be going over the positives as well as the negatives to help you determine if this is right the record cleaner for you. I will also be going over why cleaning your records is mandatory.

Let’s get to it…

Effective & Affordable

For many beginner record collectors and seasoned pros as well, the Spin-Clean Record Washer is their first purchase for the purpose of cleaning records. The reason for this is Spin-Clean is very affordable when compared to other vacuum record cleaners or ultrasonic record cleaners which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How much something costs and how much one is willing to invest in a method of cleaning records is the prime determining factor. Most people want something that is affordable and effective. There are better cleaning systems out there but you are going to pay much higher prices for those.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Records?

Never ever play dirty records! It is just not worth it.

Why is that?

There are a whole plethora of reasons why should never play records that are dirty. Playing and collecting records is an expensive hobby. You have spent good money on audio equipment and records so isn’t it wise to prolong their lifespan?

Before we get into the review I need to stress the importance of playing clean records. I wish someone would have sat me down and explained why this is so important when I first started collecting records.

Damaged To The Stylus

One of the most sensitive and delicate pieces in the whole chain of playing a record is the stylus. You know the part that comes into direct contact with the record. Getting dirt or gunk onto your stylus will effective its lifespan and quality of playback. (more on this later, below) This is a very fragile component that easily can be damaged and covered in dust, dirt, and debris.

Depending on how expensive your stylus and they can range in the tens of thousands for a truly expensive one, is more the reason to keep it in optimal condition. Stylus are also quite expensive to buy and are labor-intensive to replace (plus very very frustrating).

up close of dirty stylus
Do you think this will sound nice playing on your records? Microscopic look up close on a dirty stylus. The dirt from the dirty records gets transferred to the stylus affecting the stylus and playback sound.

Damaged To Your Records

Playing clean records will ensure your records sound as good or maybe even better than they did the day you bought them. Your records can last over a lifetime if you care for them properly. Playing dirty records can potentially lodge dirt and grim into the grooves permanently. Thus making playback less than stellar.

Quality Of Playback

Dirty records also affect the playback of the record, creating pops and crackles. Thus distracting you from your listening experience. Playing dirty records will affect the sound quality.

And Here Is A Shocker!!! New Vinyl Is Dirty!!!

Yes, your brand new vinyl record just taken out of the shrink wrap is dirty.

Wait…what? Yep!

To explain this you have to go to how records are made. So records are made inside of a factory. Factories are notorious for being dirty with heat and steam in the environment. This is just where they are made, it is not a sterile environment. Not to mention they also use a mold release agent (a controversial topic) that is embedded into the PVC mixture. This some theorize, leaves a very thin film on the records which can impede audio fidelity.

Don’t believe me, okay…clean a bunch of new unopened records and look at the residue left over. I have done this and I still have dirt and gunk in the bottom just like cleaning old records. Yes, it is probably far less than an old record as far as dirt and grim is concerned but there is dirt.

Also, no pressing plant ever cleans the vinyl before they ship it out. This would add untold expenses to the already growing pricing and production costs. As of late, there is a hard enough time getting pressing and pressing plants are back-ordered for years.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Whether you wash your records in the sink by hand or buy the most expensive record cleaner out there, something is better than nothing. Doing nothing to clean your records is a perfect recipe for ruining your records, lowering the quality of listening (which defeats the whole purpose of listening to records), and potentially damaging your stylus.

Cleaning is a must!

Just do something…and this is why I believe the Spin-Clean is a great record cleaner for most people. Affordable and it gets the job done.

What Do You Get When You Purchase The Spin-Clean?

Spin-Clean currently has three different record washers for sale.

  1. Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Complete Kit – Material provided to clean up to 700 records.
  2. Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Deluxe Kit – Material provided to clean up to 6300 records
  3. Limited-Edition 45th Anniversary Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII “Clear Deluxe Kit – Material provided to clean up to 6300 records.

The big difference between the different kits is the number of extra accessories you get and the amount of cleaning solution provided. The Complete Kit comes with 4oz of cleaning solution with one pair of cleaning brushes and two lint-free drying cloths. The other two kits come with two bottles of cleaning solution 1-4oz and 1-32oz bottles, 2 sets of cleaning brushes, and seven drying lint-free drying cloths. The Limited Edition comes with a limited edition Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Record Brush.

Spin-Clean How Does It Work?

Now you know why it is important to clean your records let’s get into how the Spin-Clean Record Washer works.

The first thing to go into the big yellow container is the rollers, there are three positions to choose from outside, center, and inside. The Outside is for LPs, the middle notches are for the 10″ records and the most inside notches are for 45’s.

The two brushes simply drop into either side of the washer tub. Then you simply fill the bath to the line with distilled water. Then the cleaning solution is poured equally on both cleaning brushes to evenly coat them. The amount of cleaning solution applied is clearly stated on the bottle or instructions provided.

a look inside basin from top

Using the Spin-Clean you can expect to clean 20 to 50 records. This is what Spin-Clean states but many people drop this number lower to around even 8 to 12. There is a lot of room for variance in the number of records you can clean because this depends on how dirty the records are.

You then place the record in the Spin-Clean and rotate the record clockwise three revolutions. Then rotate the record counter-clockwise three times. Then carefully remove the record by holding the edges of the record and wipe it down in a circular motion.

Once done you will need to dump the water and rinse out the basin and clean the cleaning brushes and dry them ready for the next cleaning session. This is an important step! Don’t skip it!

How Well Does It Work?

The first time I was done cleaning about 20 records I was quite literally surprised to see the amount of dirt on the bottom of the basin. It definitely removes dirt and fingerprints and plus it restores the vinyl to a more original sound.

I feel like it removed the dirt and fingerprints from the records I cleaned and the playback was much improved.

It is not a perfect system but it is a good solution for removing dirt and gunk from your records. Personally, I like what it does for the money it costs. It is not a perfect system but it is probably the cheapest complete system on the market.

Pros & Cons Of The Spin-Clean


  • Cleans all types of records; 33s, 45s, and 78s.
  • One of the cheapest products for cleaning records on the market.
  • Cleans both records sides at the same time thereby saving you time.
  • Effectively removes static energy from the record when cleaned.
  • Removes dirt and fingerprints.
  • No need for electrical power as this requires you to be the machine and turn the record.
  • Cheap easy to replace parts. This is a simple system made up of plastic parts and brushes, all of which can be replaced when needed.
  • Many record stores use this method of cleaning their used vinyl.
  • Micheal Fremer (the god of vinyl) likes the product, “{…it’s cheap and it really, really works…I cleaned some dirty, fingerprint-encrusted records, and when I removed them from the vat, all dirt and fingerprints were gone…not everyone wants to spend hundreds of bucks on a vacuum machine, and the Spin Clean got the job done.” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February 2010
  • This has been around for many years and still going strong, so it has established a great reputation.
  • This product has received many awards for cost and performance.
  • Made in the USA!
  • The company has been around since 1975 which speaks to being a stalwart in this field and providing a good working method of cleaning records.
  • Has a lid to cover when not using which also keeps the dust out.
  • The cleaning brushes can be cleaned and reused.
  • Doesn’t get the label wet as long as you fill in the clearly marked line inside the washer and not above this line.
  • Great set of instructions that leaves nothing to guesswork.
  • The cleaning solution grabs the dirt and grime and drops it to the bottom of the washer keeping it out of the way.
  • Every moving part or brush can be purchased for replacement.


  • You can only do one record at a time.
  • Can be time-consuming but at least you are doing both sides at once.
  • It doesn’t really pay to clean just a few records you need to do between 20 to 50 records at a crack to not waste cleaning fluid or distilled water or until the water is dirty then it is recommended to change the water.
  • Although I say it is probably the cheapest system, for the cheapest model, it is around $80.00 for a bunch of plastic and cleaning solutions.
  • The more records you clean the more dirtier the water becomes.
  • If you have a higher-end system and have the money a better system is maybe what you should be buying. That being said it could also be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods either as a rinser or a prewasher.
  • Replacement Rollers can wear out over time and need to be replaced.
  • Brushes can also wear out and need to be replaced.
  • After using the Spin-Clean for a couple of years I have noticed inside the basin that dirt has collected around the bottom. This is around the ridges and can be hard to clean out.
man using spin-clean

Tips On Using The Spin-Clean

As far as when to change the water look for the water to start to become cloudy and less clear this is when I change it.

Some people believe and practice using two separate devices for cleaning your records. Either use the Spin-Clean first to remove the majority of the dirt, then after that use another device like an ultrasonic cleaner for the final cleaning process. Or as a rinser after using an ultrasonic cleaner with just plain distilled water.

I find If you have a bunch of records to clean it is easiest and most cost-effective. As compared to just cleaning just a couple or a few. But the cleaning solution and water can be kept in the basin for a week with the cover attached (no longer). If you do this the cleaning brushes must be removed and cleaned and dry.

If you can divide your records into different piles, new and cleaner records & dirty old records. I would wash newer and cleaner records in a batch. Then wash your dirty old records together. The thought behind this is to avoid contaminating the newer or cleaner records with the downright dirty ones.

It is also more sensible to wash your cleaner records first, then finish with your dirtiest records last. This way you do not wash your cleaner records after the dirtier records have been washed. Thus making your cleaner records subjected to dirtier water. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Wiping down the record with a suitable cloth that is wet prior to washing it in the Spin-Clean can really help keep the water cleaner for longer. As you are removing the surface dirt. Especially your filthy records this will really help.

Consider changing the water if you see it is filthy.

Consider getting some micro-fiber cloths for wiping down the records, as some people do not like the cloths provided by Spin-Clean. Some people believe that the cloth that is provided with the Spin-Clean should only be used for dabbing water and the micro-fiber cloth for wiping the record.

Cleaning out the basin can prove to be difficult, I use a sprayer and a kitchen bottle brush.

I re-sleeve my inner sleeve if they had one prior to cleaning. Unless it is a new record. If you don’t have any inner sleeves I highly recommend using them along with outer sleeves. Check out my post, Best Vinyl Record Sleeves. I recommend my favorite sleeves to use.

How Many Records Can I Clean Before Changing The Water?

It will clean between 20-50 records as stated by Spin-Clean. This can vary depending on how dirty the records are.

How Big Is This?

I measure this to be 14 3/4″ inches long and to 5 3/8″ inches tall and at its base to be at its widest 6″ inches wide.

Does Spin-Clean Sell Cleaning Fluid Separate?

Yes, they sell many different sizes of cleaning fluid. Either at Spin-Clean’s website or Amazon.

Does Spin-Clean Sell Replacement Brushes?

Yes, they sell replacement brushes as well, and they also sell drying clothes too. Check out their Amazon Page.

Should You Clean New Vinyl Records?

Yes, as stated above you should always clean any used or new record you play on your turntable.

Stylus Cleaner

If you are looking for an effective Cheap method of adequately cleaning your stylus that works phenomenally, head on over to my page, What Is The Best Way To Clean A Stylus?

The Last Groove

This is probably the right solution for most people that want to clean their records for the price point. My experience is they do sound better after being run through the Spin-Clean. Just keep in mind to change the water when it looks dirty and follow the directions and you should have a good overall experience with it.

record inside of spin-clean
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Would love to hear about your experience with the Spin-Clean or any other record-cleaning system down below in the comments section.


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